5.5KW Vertical Multistage Pump (DP8-16-5.5)

Model No: DP8-16-5.5

Speed for pump data : 2900 rpm
Duty Point : 8 m3/h @ 140m head
Flow range : 5~12 m3/h
Head range : 162m ~ 104 m
Phase : Three-phase
Driving motor : 5.5kW
Mains frequency : 50Hz
Protection class : IP55
Insulation class : F

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High Pressure Pump in Bangladesh. High Pressure Pumps are absorbing the advanced technology from home and abroad. Our High Pressure Pumps adopts standard vertical motor and alloy mechanical seal, which makes the replacement more convenient. Our High Pressure Pumps overflowing part is made from stainless steel, applicable for light –corrosion medium. Relying on the high efficiency, Reliable quality, wide usable range, our products receive the great popularity after they have been launched.


  1. The premium hydraulic model and advanced workmanship greatly improve the pump’ performance and extend the service life.
  2. Adopting hard allow and fluorine rubber for the mechanical seal, which ensures the pumps’ reliable operation and endures high temperature of transmission medium.
  3. As the overflowing part of pump is stamped and welled by stainless steel plate, which is suitable for slightly aggressive liquids.
  4. Compact design, small size, light weight, low noise, excellent energy saving performance, easy to maintenance.
  5. Inlet and outlet of the pump stand in the same line with the pump base, which can be used directly in the pipelines.
  6. Clients can allocate the motor based on their own needs.



  1. When the service life of mechanical seal runs out, no need to disassemble motor from the pump body, its replacement can be carried out by taking the coupling out and disassembling the gland of mechanical seal, so that the concentricity between motor shaft and pump spindle can be ensured, as well as the sealing reliability of the pump section.


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